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The Book - A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale

Book Cover for A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale

Praise for A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale

Review by Elmore Leonard“It's good and it moves! Tom Van Dyke tells a rousing tale of a young man learning how to cowboy and finding the girl of his dreams. I've written a good 40 western stories but learned a lot from Tom's book.”



Review by Michael Blake“INSPIRING. A Cowboy Christmas reveals the true American West but goes even further. A man and woman who refuse to let a soaring relationship disappear is a sign of life on earth at its best.”

MICHAEL BLAKE, Author of Dances With Wolves


Review by Thomas CobbA Cowboy Christmas is a wonderful tale of a young cowboy's roam and a heartfelt love story. A great Christmas story and a delightful read for all seasons.”

THOMAS COBB, Author of Crazy Heart


Review by Howard Terpning“I'm a narrative painter, so as I read this book, the words drew pictures in my mind. These images are vivid and the story feels real. A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale, is a welcome addition to my library.”



Review by Bob Boze Bell“A GREAT RIDE!”

Bob Boze Bell, True West magazine


Review by Don CollierA Cowboy Christmas is a warm, well-written tale of a young man discovering himself and the new world during an engaging adventure in the American West. I thoroughly enjoyed the picture painted by the words of Mr. Van Dyke. The book took me back in time and sparked memories of when I was working on old Western films with my friend John Wayne. I look forward to sharing this story with my family.”

DON COLLIER, Western Film and TV Actor


Review by Ken RotcopA Cowboy Christmas An American Tale is a beautiful story for all ages. Not since the work of James Dickey have I read such poetry in a novel. A wonderful remembrance for what the old West once was. Buy the book now - Don't wait for the movie”

KEN ROTCOP, Screenwriter-Producer


Review by Marshall Trimble“Tom Van Dyke has crafted an inspired story of the Old West—Arizona and New Mexico Territories—1873. A well-researched tale of an adventuresome young man, carving out a life that most men can only dream about. Hold on tight. It's a page turner and a fast ride. This magical tale fits like a vintage Stetson and good pair of boots.”

MARSHALL TRIMBLE, Official Arizona State Historian